1. Simplify product uploading for vendors 

2. Sync with ecommerce platforms

3. Add more  monetization options

4. Generate leads to your site 


1. Simplify product uploading for vendors 

2. Sync with ecommerce platforms

3. Add more  monetization options

4. Generate leads to your site 

Leverage your Multi-Vendor.

Provide vendors with easy start, expand monetization options,
or encourage lead generation!

step 1. the products

Simple Product Uploading

Improve CSV/XML import or get synched to vendors’ existing storefronts

the problem

Your business doesn’t grow?

A common problem that a marketplace faces is how to attract more vendors. You need to make the feed uploading easier for vendors. Your potential vendors will enjoy a simple start selling through your market without a tough and tricky uploading process, and you will benefit from their client base and inventory. 

the solution

Make XML & CSV Import Automatic!

Loading process is full of pitfalls. Set your vendors free of the inventory loading process. Vendor after being registered to your site will see only one button to push on, “Load your Feed!” You get the feed from a vendor, check it (after automatic prevalidation), launch synching and approve it. The orders will be automatically exported in XML/CSV format. The vendor receives a report about successful completion and starts selling on your website with the ready-made inventory.


You can take money for providing this functionality to vendors by including this service into a higher plan for the vendor. For example, you can offer vendors this option for free in case of a feed fewer than 100 products.
If the number is greater than the vendor will need to purchase a higher plan.
Or envisage the loading one time per hour for the Enterprise plan, loading one time per day - for the Simple Plan.

STEP 2. synchronization

Connect the vendor’s store with e-commerce platforms

Allow vendors to sync products and orders with different platforms like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Wix.

The problem

Nobody wants to deal with different CMS interfaces.

There should be an easy system for order export for vendors.


Imagine, you install our Shopify syncing app on your website.

The app will automatically import the products to Multi-Vendor and export the orders back for vendors. No hassle, only business value for your vendors!


You can include this extra functionality in a higher vendor plan.
Your vendor gets a simple mechanism to load his or her data and you attract more sellers on another platform.

STEP 3. monetization

Monetize everything

Get more out of your business by spending less!

The problem

Default Multi-Vendor allows for only two options out of the box: commissions per transactions and fix-rated vendor plans.

Don’t limit your opportunities as there are multiple solutions to amplify your cash inflow. We can improve and enlarge the default options for you.  What can be done there? 


Invite potential resellers to join the game!

You got the vendors, but they are satisfied with less? Encourage them to earn more features from you to achieve a higher score in your vendor plan system. It can be automatic passing to a new level after fuller completing their mini-stores or sharing your product/writing blogs to promote you in social nets. This Loyalty System may include more publications, more featured storefront, more items added to the storefront by vendors. You can apply other options to reward vendors: premium listings, generating leads, selling ads. Opportunities are endless! 


A vendor gets a discount or a perk from you for a better completing his/her mini-store and adding more functionality. More items are shared by the vendor, higher plan the vendor gets at a discount.


Express Lead Generation

Let your sellers earn money for you!

The problem

As a business owner, you act as a link between your vendors and your customers. Both should be glad to let your business bloom.

But, here is a challenge: how to attract more vendors and increase conversion at once? No vendor comes to a website with no traffic. You won’t get traffic without vendors. The solution is there.


Boost Conversion!

Motivate vendors to find more sources to direct potential buyers to your place. How to do that? Dangle a carrot! A must condition for a vendor to shift to the next vendor plan may be purchasing a marketing campaign from you.

Engage more customers!

Motivate customers to visit your website with the help of your vendors! Vendors can offer bonuses to customers if they visit your website every day. The customer then pays by points they earn for visits but no more than a particular rate of the product price. 


It can be installing Facebook Pixel to make your vendor store more visible in social channels after every synchronization of the vendor’s feed. Each vendor who registers to your website gets 100 free ads published on Facebook. After 100 ads, a higher plan should be purchased by the vendor. Offer a lower price for ad publishing than Facebook offers. The vendor gets a discounted service from you and more leads.
Your reward will be increased conversion.
A higher plan may include the vendors’ participation in such a rewarding system. Vendors get more returning users, and you increase the overall traffic on your website.

We can assist you in promoting a better option for your business.